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Our Vision.
Field Survey

Johnson land surveying is dedicated to providing excellent customer service for all of our clients.  We strive to complete all of our projects in a timely manner, at a competitive price.  Whether you are a homeowner looking for property corners, or a land development specialist, we commit ourselves to 100% customer satisfaction.

Civil Engineer Surveying

We currently have two robotic total stations capable of conducting one-person field crew surveys, or the traditional two-person survey crews.  In addition, we have a state of the art GPS system.

Our Services.
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Boundary surveys: 

Boundary surveys are necessary for a variety of reasons. Property line disputes or construction projects near property lines are among some of the situations where a boundary survey is needed.   When subdividing land, either a parcel map or a subdivision map is required.  The most common of these maps is a record of survey, which is required to be filed for record by the county recorder.

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